9 Ways To Promote Your Business When You’re Out Of Money

Marketing your business well doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And let’s face it, when business is slow spending any money at all can be a struggle. Don’t let a low bank balance keep you from promoting your services. We’ve got 9 great ways to market your business for no cost at all.

  1. Put Away Your Phone – Have you noticed how many times you check your phone while you waste time? Whether you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting at the doctor, chances are your phone is out. Next time, try putting the phone away and starting a conversation with a stranger. The more people you meet, the better your chances are for finding that next client.
  2. Partner With Another Business – Find a business that compliments yours and find ways to counter market. You can do something simple, like offering to reach out to the other’s past clients with a referral or a discount. Or go bigger, by doing a social media takeover of each other’s pages.
  3. Go big on Social Media – One of the best things about social media is it’s price – it’s completely free to use. Read up on best practices and recent changes to figure out the best times and content to post. Business pages on Facebook don’t always get the most attention. Be sure to share information from your business page to your personal page to get more attention.
  4.  Network – If you aren’t already making regular appearances at networking events, this is a good time to start. Look outside of your industry networking events and instead, focus on events for small business owners, or events targeting specific areas or demographic groups.
  5. Start A Blog – A blog is the perfect way to declare your expertise to the world. You don’t have to be a huge success to start blogging about what you do the best. Remember to share your posts on social media, or send them out in email blasts to remind your audience to give you a call when they’re ready to buy or sell. Remember, clients are more likely to do business with people they know. Use your blog to help them get to know you and build trust in your business and brand.
  6. Send Personal Emails to Former Clients or Potential Leads – This is a great time to showcase your great personal care and attention for clients. Catch up with a family you’ve helped, or reach out to a potential client with conversation both personal and business-related. Go light on the business conversation though. A potential client will appreciate your reaching out in a way that doesn’t seem to benefit you financially.
  7. Offer A Free Class – Talk to your local library, your church, or community center about offering a home buying class for free. They’ll help promote the event and you’ll be speaking to an audience of potential clients.
  8. Volunteer As Your Business – As long as you’ve got time on your hands, use it to help someone else. Find a cause you care about and volunteer under your business name. You’ll make some good contacts and it will also give you great content for social media and email blasts.
  9. Become A Virtual Tour Guide – With videos getting such great attention on social media, you’ll want to take advantage. Take your followers on a virtual tour of your city. Show off your favorite restaurants, post a video review of an attraction you visit regularly, or take video at a school sporting event. This is a great (and free) way to show off your local knowledge.