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Frontier Family Spotlight: Marilyn Smith

  This month, we’re excited to introduce you to Marilyn Smith, Director of Marketing/Client Relations from the Cypress Office. Marilyn joined Frontier Title Company five years ago, but has spent the last 12 years of her career in the title industry. We asked Marilyn a few questions about herself and her experience working at Frontier Title Company.  What […]

Vacation: Why You Need One and How To Make It Work

When you are in charge of your own business, there’s an assumption that you can do whatever you want with your time. However, that “freedom” often makes it harder to get away. And even when you do take a rare vacation, it’s hard to make it a true vacation – work always beckons. With Labor […]

Hiring A Real Estate Assistant

Congratulations! Your business is taking off! In fact, you’re so busy you could use a few more hours each day, or a few more days each week. Suddenly, tasks you once loved are feeling like busy-work and you’re terrified of missing phone calls, details, and deadlines. It’s probably time for an assistant. And you’re not […]

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

It’s no secret that social media is the most affordable and most effective form of marketing, when used correctly. But making mistakes on social media is easier than you think. Small missteps won’t always lead to disaster, but may make customers shake their heads and take their business elsewhere without saying anything. It may be a […]

Is It Time To Rebrand?

Is it time to rebrand? Rebranding is something that needs to happen every so often. It keeps your business – and your own mindset – fresh and open to change. And of course, it’s a great idea to do a regular internal audit of your business, your mission, and your brand to make sure that […]

Win A Client For Life

Loyalty is a hard thing to manufacture. And sometimes it isn’t enough to create and promote outstanding service. Clients are finicky and one false step can cost you a customer or a harsh review. There are no guarantees, but you can certainly increase your chances for loyal customers by building strong relationships. Ask Questions First Before you […]

15 Minutes Can Change Your Social Media Habits

When asked why they don’t have a better or stronger social media presence, most entrepreneurs and small business owners blame time. After all, when you have contracts to worry about, clients to contact, and other day to day tasks to complete, adding just one more thing to the mix can seem like a huge burden. […]

2013 Fast-Growing Business Award
2013 Fast-Growing Business Award