Why Isn’t Social Media Working For Me?

So, you’ve been working social media for your real estate career for a while now. Maybe you post regular updates, boost posts, run ads, and engage well with others…but where are the leads? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more can be great resources for you, and at a low monetary commitment, your return on investment could be huge. But why isn’t it working for you?

Are You Looking At It The Wrong Way?

First, you may be looking at your social media the wrong way. Bear with us and consider your activity on Facebook to be a live event. When you socialize with friends for a party or a night out, are you frustrated to walk away without a full week of real estate appointments? Probably not. Your reason for being on social media (getting real estate leads) doesn’t line up with the reason the rest of the world is on social media (to keep up with friends). This doesn’t mean you can’t attract clients, but it does mean that you need to adapt to the rest of the social media world. If your focus is on creating and deepening friendships and connections, engaging with others, and providing helpful information, the leads will follow in time.

Are You Getting Personal?

When you are scrolling through your own social media accounts, are you paying attention to the bland, stock imagery that some businesses use in their ads? Are you clicking on every “helpful” article other businesses are posting? Again, probably not! There’s nothing unique or personal about it.

Let’s go back to the live event analogy. If you meet up with friends offline and talk only about your business, you aren’t likely to get another invitation. Your friends and followers both want to know you as a person – we’re all more likely to business with someone we know well. Post links and articles if you think they are truly informative and if they fit your brand, but the majority of your content should be personal and unique to you. Did you stop for lunch at a new place this week? Did you attend a class to help you learn more about real estate? These situations and more walk that perfect line between showing off your business prowess and local expertise and showing off your personality.

Are You Running Ads?

Let’s face it – one of social media’s biggest perks for business owners is the price tag – 100% free. With that in mind, it’s important to realize that social media algorithms are typically showing your followers posts from only the people and businesses they already interact with. That means that unless people are seeking your page out for info, your posts probably aren’t making it to the newsfeed. A small investment (we’re talking $5-15 to boost a post for a few days) can put your information in front of 500 to 1500 more people. Don’t waste this opportunity. Use these little investments to promote an open house, a recently sold property, or something that shows off your personality. Don’t waste it on information that any other real estate agent in town could post.

Make sure that when you boost a post or run an ad, you tweak the audience to meet your needs. You can control area/zip code, browsing behavior, income, and more. If you notice that that $5-15 is getting you good exposure, you may want to start setting aside a larger budget to reach a larger audience. Imagine the results you might see if you forego your next mailing and spend just a fraction of your budget on boosted ads – especially when you’ve got the right demographics in place.

Be Purposeful and Don’t Give Up

Just as in any other form of advertising, consistency is key. Make your social media as much of a priority as any other part of your marketing plan. Make deliberate decisions with your social media campaigns, be social, personal, and unique, and put some money behind posts that show off your personality, and you’ll be seeing results in no time.