SEO 101

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best real estate agent in the city, if you don’t have leads, you won’t make any money. Finding new clients can be frustrating, but we have a few ideas that may help when it comes to creating a website with a high SEO. It requires a little patience, but in … Read more

Are You Your Own Worst-Paid Employee?

If you work for yourself, like many do in the real estate industry, it’s important to know the true value of your time. Driving to and from appointments, working on contracts, attending CE classes, and networking, among other activities, can take a toll on your day. Before you spread yourself too thin, you’ll want to … Read more

Reaching Out to a New Contact

Let’s face it – we live in a world where texting is the primary form of communication for most people. In many cases, your clients may have even said they prefer a text to an email or phone conversation. But there are certainly times when a phone call is so much more appropriate for the … Read more

Four Fall Blog Topics to Inspire You Today

You probably already know that blogging is a fantastic way to keep your website at the top of the search results. The consistent updates to your site tell search engines that your page is active, the additional pages help feed results, and the language on each blog (probably related to real estate) tells Google, Bing, … Read more

Love Real Estate but Hate Being in Sales?

For many people, the idea of being in the sales industry can be cringe-inducing. Even when business requires it, the idea can be an uncomfortable one. But we are here to help you embrace your salesmanship, build relationships, and find success. Here are four points to help you learn to love sales. We are natural … Read more

Social Media Resource: September 2019

We’re happy to share some great articles with you this month. Please feel free to pass these along to clients, friends and family. Fall Friendly Tips 20 Blooms You Should Have In Your Fall Garden Decorating For Fall On A Budget 5 Decor Trends for Autumn Your Home’s Fall Checklist This Concrete Pumpkin Idea is … Read more