5 Apps You Need To Create Images On The Go
In the image-based world of real estate, having a visually strong and engaging presence is crucial. Before you hire a graphic designer, consider the following apps, which allow you to create images on the go:


Canva, available on at and via the App Store is an impressive, and impressively easy, tool. You don't need fancy skills to create fantastic branded images. Canva has pre-designed, pre-sized graphics and templates for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. You can choose a layout, use your own images, supplement with Canvas tools, and more, all for free.


Over is an app available for Android and iPhone, and it allows you to turn your mobile device into a pretty decent design studio. It's best for photo-editing, with easy ways to add text, choose a background, change fonts, and share directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


You may need to be a little more patient in using PiktoChart. The program makes it relatively to create infographics, but it's also useful for images, reports, presentations, and more. You can work with a template or create an original design.


With Snapseed, there are no more excuses for not presenting professional-grade photos of your listings. Snapseed can, in most cases, edit your photos to perfection with a little bit of practice.


If you're a fan of the Evernote app, you'll love Skitch, a web-based application for photo editing. The program is perfect for marking up photos, making notes, or pointing out locations on maps. It's a simple tool, and excellent for collaboration with clients.   So what are we missing? What are your favorite apps for creating and editing images? We'd love to hear!