Building Your Business In January

Happy New Year! If you’re taking a little bit of time to get back and running after the holiday season, you aren’t alone. In fact, CNN reports that the “back to work blues” are definitely real, and even treatable with a few changes in mindset. While you ease your way back into your regular routine, here are a couple of energizing ideas to help you grow your business this month.

Start Valentine’s Day Marketing Plans

Start planning for any marketing you plan to do for Valentine’s Day. It’s only a month or so away and you’ll thank your January self for being on stop of the game. Whether you’re organizing a giveaway bundle for a perfect date night, sending cards to your favorite clients, start setting it up now.

Flush Out Your Annual Marketing Plan

While you’re at it, why not schedule a few more promotions throughout the year? Send yourself calendar alerts to remind you when it’s time to design a postcard, order giveaway items, and more.

Drop Off Some Warm Treats

The holiday season is over, but hot cocoa and coffee never go out of style. Send your clients cozy kits to keep them warm this month and take advantage of the fact that very few others are sending treats post-Christmas.

Focus On The Great Indoors

With colder weather, more people are meeting at restaurants and bars. Talk to the managers at local dining establishments about how you can start marketing to their customers.

Send a Year-Round Reminder To Homeowners

Create a home maintenance schedule, along with a list of your favorite service providers, to send out to your clients. You can create a digital chart through services like Canva or Piktochart to give it extra “pop”, or send out a hard copy for them to post on their refrigerator year-round.

Schedule Some Social Media Time

If you’re waiting through a post-holiday lull, why not use the time to schedule a month’s worth of social media posts, blogs, or wade through all the LinkedIn messages you’ve never answered? Keeping current online sends a message to your potential clients that you are invested and active in your industry.