Building Your Real Estate Business in July 2022

We are halfway through 2022. Is your business where you hoped it would be when you were setting your 2022 resolutions? If you’re looking for a boost, we’ve compiled a few fun ideas below. There are so many opportunities in the summer months to make your mark with prospective clients and old friends. It’s time … Read more

Build Your Business in February

February is here already? The year isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, so let’s look at a few ideas to keep your marketing plans on schedule! Start Looking at Spring Marketing Plans We’ve got a couple of big things coming up in the spring – decide what works best for your business. You can remind your contacts … Read more

The Resource: February 2022 Social Media Starters

We often hear our real estate friends say they’re short on time and can’t handle regular posting to social media. So, each month, we collect a full month’s worth of posts for you to pass along to clients, friends and family. Valentine’s Fun 11 Cocktails to Make for Valentine’s Day ( Best Valentine’s Day Recipes … Read more

Business Resolution Ideas for 2022

This is a wonderful time of year to reflect on the last year in business and make some business resolutions to bring more success in the coming year. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? Did your business grow and flourish in 2021? What’s left undone? What can you do to increase success … Read more