Building Your Real Estate Business in July 2022

We are halfway through 2022. Is your business where you hoped it would be when you were setting your 2022 resolutions? If you're looking for a boost, we've compiled a few fun ideas below.

There are so many opportunities in the summer months to make your mark with prospective clients and old friends. It's time to plan your next move. What can you do this month to strengthen your future business?

Celebrate With Some Late Summer Holidays

Holidays can be the perfect excuse to connect with current and potential clients, and August is full of them - if you know which ones to look for. There may not be any big, widely recognized holidays in August, but there are a few good once that make connecting a breeze. Look ahead to Friendship Day (July 30) to be your perfect icebreaker. And who wouldn't love to receive chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar as a pop by on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on August 4. Other fun holidays include National Garage Sale Day (August 10), National Relaxation Day (August 15), and National Dog Day (August 26). See more at

Back To School

August means kids are heading back to school, and unfortunately, some are heading back with a lot less than others. A great way to give back and encourage others to do so is by holding a back to school supply drive. You may want to collect traditional school supplies, or think outside the box and collect money for school lunches, or ask for donations of new shoes. Add your office as a drop off point and you'll be able to connect to new friends as well.

Block Party!

If your neighborhood doesn't already have an annual block party, it might be time for you to get the ball rolling. There are some great ideas here to get you started. Use the opportunity to help your neighbors get to know you and each other. You'll love being seen as a connecting point for others.

Social Media Challenge: Neighborhood Know-how

Part of selling yourself as an agent is selling your expertise about the areas you live and work in. This month, use social media to highlight your favorite parts of town, from restaurants to museums to family spots to free activities. You want your audience to know that you are the best source for information! And when they're ready to buy or sell, they'll certainly want an area expert like yourself to guide them through the process.

A few more fun ideas:

    • Who doesn't love an excuse to eat ice cream? Here's a great opportunity to meet the neighbors - hire an ice cream truck to visit your area, or host an old fashioned ice cream social for past clients.
    • Friends and neighbors alike will love pop bys like sparklers and poppers to bring a little extra fun to the 4th of July holiday.
    • It doesn't get easier than this! A little effort on your part could pay off big time with a pop by that includes a couple of colorful scratch off tickets.
    • Use this holiday as an excuse to reach out! Connect to past clients for an update on how they've been doing since they worked with you. You can also use this time as an opportunity to ask for a review online or a couple of lines in an email that you could use as a testimonial on your social media pages.