Looking For Side Income? These Ideas Will Grow Your Wallet AND Your Business.

We’ve all experience the occasional sales slump. But before you start to give up, why not turn that extra time into extra cash? It could be the perfect time to start a real estate side hustle. And before you know it, both your wallet and your appointment book could be overflowing! Here are 3 ways you can earn a little extra income while you wait out the slow season.

Monetize Your Blog or YouTube Channel

If you don’t already have a blog or an active video presence, a slow season is the perfect time to get it started! When you use your platform regularly and consistently you’ll be doing two things. First, you’ll be gaining credibility as an authority in your field. Now, you could wax philosophical about real estate, but you could also turn to one of your other passions like local restaurants or community events, home decor trends, being a working parent, or any number of things. If you can be transparent and available through your blog or vlog, you’ll easily create a loyal following, making it easier to generate leads. Second, popular platforms can make you money through advertisements and affiliations. If you’re singing the praises of a certain yard tool, look into becoming an Amazon affiliate or something similar. You could get a percentage of the sales from your viewers. You can also place ads from Google and other search engines on your site, getting a few pennies for every click. Hey, it all adds up.


We know there’s that certain something that you do better than anyone else. It could be staging a home, setting up an office system, or handling your own graphic design. There’s something you do well that someone else needs! Let others in your brokerage know that you can train them on accounting software, or help them hire an assistant by handling resumes and interviews. Your little break from business could become the side hustle that saves you.

Teach Classes

If you’re looking to supplement income, teaching real estate classes could be your perfect fit. Getting certified to offer CE courses isn’t too difficult, though it will come with a fee. You can learn more about certification on the TREC website.  You can also browse major job sites like Indeed and Monster to find companies looking to hire real estate course instructors. Don’t overlook this opportunity to help others, gain credibility, and make some side income while you wait for business to pick up again.