Love Real Estate but Hate Being in Sales?

For many people, the idea of being in the sales industry can be cringe-inducing. Even when business requires it, the idea can be an uncomfortable one. But we are here to help you embrace your salesmanship, build relationships, and find success.

Here are four points to help you learn to love sales.

We are natural salespeople

You may not realize it, but you were born for sales. Even as children, we know how to ask for, and how to get, what we want. There are things that don’t work (stomping feet, screaming, etc.) and things that do (kindness, sincerity, hard work, etc.) Sales doesn’t change much past childhood, but the audience does. Don’t be pushy. Do be courteous. Don’t manipulate. Do approach potential clients with sincerity.

Sales is already a part of your everyday life

Not every sales transaction has to involve money. Whether you are dealing with children, coworkers, romantic partners, or even neighbors, life is transactional. Our little everyday conversations have an aspect of sales within them. Asking your child to get ready for bed? In a small way, you’ve made a sale. Negotiating “duties” with your spouse or significant other? More sales experience. These mini-transactions can help prepare you for business transactions.

You are here to help

You are a professional. You offer a service people need. In fact, people desperately need the expertise you bring to the table. Your relationship with your clients is absolutely win-win. They get an expert to navigate them through a complicated transaction, and you get to build your business. They are receiving just as much out of the relationship as you are.