Ready to Reach Millennials?

It’s no secret that Millennials are a powerhouse in our country’s economy. As up-and-comers, this generation seems like the group you most need to reach to keep a thriving business.

Who Are Millennials?

Millennials were born between the early 190s and early 2000s. Members of this demographic range from 20 to about 37 years old. Millennials aren’t always painted in the best light, but these members of society are students, working professionals, and young parents. They’ve grown up in a world with lots of options and technology that puts your needs at your fingertips. Altogether they number over 80 million and they are considered the fastest-growing demographic in the United States.

What’s Important to Millennials?

Relevancy and Interaction

Most Millennials have lived with internet access for the majority of their lives. Social media has given this demographic easy and quick access to information and current events. In order to appeal to this group, you need to meet them where they are: on social media, via text, and via email. Be current and be accessible. Pay attention to the kind of content you post on social media. Do you get a lot of interaction? If not, it may be time to run a social media audit to improve what you’re posting. Be mindful of posts that are working on social media (yours and competitors) and model your interaction after successful models.

Giving Back

Millennials tend to be conscious of the impact we all have on the world around us, from environmental awareness to charitable giving. Big brands that already appeal to this demographic are Tom’s, Sevenly, Causebox, Warby Parker, and H&M, who all make a point to give back. Find a cause you’re passionate about and make it a point to consistently and visibly support it. Millennials like to feel good about the companies they patronize, and real estate is no different.

Promote Sharing and Loyalty

Millennials really haven’t known a time where loyalty programs and discount websites didn’t exist. Groupons and similar companies make it easy to find a deal or cash in on great offers. A loyalty program or a reward for sharing your information on social media can be a great draw for this group. To get some ideas, you may want to start here.