Real Estate Resolutions You Need in 2019

Happy New Year! We’re wishing you a 2019 that’s full of success, happiness, and positive change. If you’re stumped on what your resolutions might be, look no further! We’ve put together a list that will motivate you through the new year and beyond!

  1. Get Your Priorities In Order: It’s time to work smarter by focusing on work tasks that have a bigger impact before conquering the smaller details. When those big ticket items are off of your list, you’ll be ahead of the game and able to focus well on your detail-oriented tasks, too.
  2. Be Consistent on Social Media: There are plenty of great (and affordable) services that will let you schedule your social media posts ahead of time. Make a resolution to carve out an hour in your week to schedule a post a day on Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you have trouble using social media regularly, consider deactivating and just directing users to your website instead. A social media account with no activity makes your business look out of date.
  3. Make This The Year You Make Video Work For You: If you’ve been following the Frontier Title blog for a while, you know that we often write about the benefits of video. This could be the year that changes things for you and video could be exactly what you need to make that happen. According to WordStream,videos on Facebook only make up about 3% of content, but earn the highest engagements. So, skip reposting that interesting article and make a quick video of your commentary on it instead.
  4. Partner With A Local Business: Do you have a favorite restaurant or cafe? Do you have kids who spend most of their week at karate or dance? This is a perfect opportunity to make some waves in some smaller communities. Work with the owner of a locally owned business to see how you can forge a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.
  5. Put Yourself First: Wait, wait, hear us out. If you’re like a lot of business owners, chances are you’re used to putting yourself and your business last. Deadlines and clients always come first and even though your intentions are good, by the time you have a moment to think about your own business, you’re exhausted. Consider dedicating the first 30 minutes of each work day to YOU and your success. Put your own business first and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll see the benefits.