What the Colors on the Wall Say About You

Mean Green. Regal Purple. Moody Blue. Mellow Yellow. Blood Red. We’ve heard over and over again that color affects mood and even reflects personality. So, what do your color choices say about you? Why are you drawn to those colors? And, if you’re up for a change, what can a new color do for your sense of peace, productivity, or energy level?


People who have energy, passion, and a zest for life often choose vibrant colors like red for their walls. If you’re drawn to this color in your home, you are most likely warm, energetic, and ready to conquer whatever life throws at you. The color red traditionally calls to mind power and drive. It can also be the sign of someone impulsive, outgoing, or even aggressive – or someone who might wish for those attributes. If you’re looking to embrace your own strength and ambition, consider using red paint to inspire your mind toward these traits every day!


Not many people gravitate towards orange for interior walls. It’s a tough shade to get “just right”. Orange evokes youth, fun, curiosity, and courage – something you might need if you’re painting your walls orange! People who choose orange in their homes are usually friendly, nurturing, and love hosting others. 


We often associate the color yellow – the color of sunshine, daffodils, and baby ducks – with optimism and happiness. The color can activate our memories, stimulating the nervous system and promoting our innate creativity. If you’ve chosen to embrace the color yellow on your walls, from deep gold to citrusy lemon, chances are you have friends who describe you as content, with a sunshine personality.


Green paint is usually chosen by people who appreciate affection, compassion, and loyalty. Depending on the shade, it can call to mind peace and harmony, or the energy of the natural world. Green is a great choice for your office, bedroom, meditation space, or any room that might need a little booster shot of peacefulness.


True blue suits people who have (or desire) a soft and soothing demeanor. Calmness and tranquility are usually associated with blues, especially in more muted tones. Blue walls make a great addition to the space that welcomes you home at the end of a hectic day. Introverts are also drawn to blue, but extroverts can also appreciate its calming effects.


Purple is a creative color. If shades of violet are your choice, you may have a confident and outgoing personality to match. Of course, it also evokes glamour and royalty! Purple is a bold choice – people who love this color may also be a little eclectic in their design tastes – unconventionality goes along with creativity. 


Believe it or not, brown is one of the most comforting colors, which makes it a top choice for any living space. People who appreciate shades of brown and tan on their walls are intent on making their homes seem inviting. It’s warmth evokes a cozy feeling!

Black and gray aren’t just for Kardashians and other glamorous celebrities. People who choose a dark wall color have sophisticated taste and may like focused order, direction, and intentionality in their personal and professional lives. Entering a room with these colors can be like entering a dark and comforting sanctuary.