Your Summer Blog

We know, we know. It's the busiest time of year for most agents. Still, there's no excuse to let your website and social media slide. We've got 4 great ideas to get your creative juices flowing on your next few blog posts.

Fun And Free Ways To Explore Your City

Summer has many people thinking of ways to spend their leisure time, especially since we are all getting stir crazy under this global pandemic. A blog is a great place to feature the activities we can do right now. Make a list of the best family movies for movie night, or your favorite board games to play. For those who are itching to travel, look up virtual field trips! Focus on the things that you like best and it will come across as transparent and authentic - something all consumers crave right now.

Home and Garden Maintenance

People are more likely to have time and energy to pay attention to needs around the home during summer. Help your audience take care of their home by posting a checklist of important things to get done around the house. They'll appreciate your know-how when it comes to protecting their largest investment.

Home Safety for Vacationers

We all worry about safety when we leave for vacation, so this is a perfect time to share some tips on how to keep things secure at home. You can do a little online research to find some great advice to pass on. This kind of post shows that you are truly invested in the well-being of your followers, friends, and clients.

Back To School

Everyone is wondering what the school year will look like. Keep in touch with your clientele to see how people are feeling - this is great information to post on a blog. Consider tips on how to help students prepare for a different kind of school year, how to handle the stress of getting ready in the morning, getting the family back in a routine, how to make a room study-friendly for kids who are distance-learning, or ways that your followers can help kids prepare for school with a school supply drive.