Frontier Family Spotlight: Becky Steinbrecher

  This month, we’re excited to introduce you to Becky Steinbrecher, Escrow Officer from the Katy Office. Becky joined Frontier Title Company in January 2012 after a career in real estate. We asked Becky a few questions about herself and her experience working at Frontier Title Company.  What do you think sets Frontier Title Company apart? We care. What […]

The Resource: October 2016

We’re happy to share some great articles with you this month. Please feel free to pass these along to clients, friends and family. Halloween Tips 36 Stylish and Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas A Ghosthunter’s Guide To Buying A Real Haunted House 81 Cool Fall Table Decorating Ideas Decorating For Fall…A Love Letter to October Halloween […]

Staying Organized!

Staying organized during a busy season can be daunting, or even impossible, for some. Here are some great ways to cut down on the clutter and keep your clients’ files controlled. In The Office Before you file anything, take a real look at what you’re putting away. Many of us stack papers and pile things […]

Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Real Estate Business

In this social-media-saturated world, chances are you have a Facebook page. You probably even have a Facebook business page, and a Twitter account. You may even have an Instagram if you’re really in the know. But what does your LinkedIn page look like? LinkedIn seems to be a lost resource for many real estate agents. That […]

Open House Tips from Retail Psychology

Did you know that when stores pipe in a vanilla scent, customers are more likely to impulse buy? When preparing an Open House, a vanilla scent may lure buyers into considering the property, but impulsive decisions don’t often end well for either party. Likewise, the smell of cleaning products, particularly orange scented products, gives consumers a […]

Marketing Tips for Fall

Autumn is on its way! In Texas, that means more football than falling leaves, but there’s still a distinct feeling in the air throughout the fall months, and with some of the ideas below, you can use it to your advantage when it comes to lead generation. Get Involved There’s always something to do in […]

Better Ways to Ask Basic Questions

We’ve all been there. You meet a new client or colleague and exchange basic pleasantries, but once the basic information has been covered, the awkward silence ensues and you’re struggling to fill it up with small talk. An uncomfortable room can be avoided altogether with a couple of small changes to the way you ask questions. The […]

2013 Fast-Growing Business Award
2013 Fast-Growing Business Award