Employee Spotlight: Shea Angelle

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.03.40 PMThis month, we’re excited to introduce you to Shea Angelle. Shea came to Frontier Title 2.5 years ago and is the Branch Manager/Escrow Officer for our Memorial Office. Prior to that, she worked as a marketing coordinator for an engineering firm. 


What do you think sets Frontier Title Company apart?

What sets Frontier Title apart from our competitors is our dedication to our customers. We care, and it shows. Everyone who works with us makes our customers a priority, and will go above and beyond to get the deal closed.  

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I most enjoy getting to know my clients and being part of their home buying/selling process. Especially for first time home buyers, it is such a momentous occasion and I love that I get to help people achieve their goal.

What are three of your personal values?  

I am very driven, and always striving to achieve the next goal. I’m a very loyal person and will always stand by my team and our clients. I’m a sincere person, and I try to always be open and honest, even in a difficult situation.

What is your personal philosophy?

My personal philosophy is that communication is the key! There will always be issues that arise, but if you communicate properly and set expectations accordingly, it can make all the difference. 

How do you define success?

I define success by results. When we have a great month and meet or exceed our revenue and closed order goals, I feel we’ve had a successful month. As a manager, I most feel successful when one of our teammates achieves a new goal that they’ve been working to achieve – I feel successful when they feel successful.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I spend my time outside of work with my family and friends, and cheering on my LSU Tigers!

To contact Shea Angelle, email SAngelle@FrontierTitleTexas.com or call 713.893.0553.

Using Your Story To Find Your Next Client

Many real estate agents are good at their job, sincere with their customers, and hard-working individuals. If you’re an agent, there’s a good chance that you enjoy working with others – the difficult part is finding the clients in the first place.  Here are some strategies to help you attract more prospects by letting others in on the story of YOU.

Marketing is about storytelling – telling the story of you and your business to the people who want to hear it. Years ago, customers may have wanted to see a polished facade of the businesses they patronized, but that has changed. Especially if you are running your business as an individual, customers expect transparency. They want to know with whom they are spending their money.

To do this well, you probably shouldn’t lay everything out on the table. But there are certain elements of your story that will help you connect with customers.

How Others Experience Your Work

Obviously, testimonials tell the best story. Former customers have the opportunity to tell your future customers the real-life experience of working with you. If you haven’t done so already, reach out to your former clients and ask if they can share their story with you. And don’t just stop at Zillow or Facebook reviews – take those reviews and add them to your website, social media timelines, or e-blasts.


Posting a picture of a smiling couple at closing or a family in front of their new home speaks volumes. Again, this paints a real-life picture of your work. A testimonial can give glowing words, but can’t compare to glowing smiles on actual faces. Don’t forget to document these moments with your customers. This should be a regular part of your marketing campaign.

Your Unique Perspective

Every agent is different. Whether you hobbies include interior design, the great outdoors, or trying every restaurant in town, customers want something they can connect to. By being little bit more open about your life and your personal interests, you could very well win a client who shares your hobby.

Your story is your way of demonstrating your value, experience and expertise to a prospective client in a way that they can relate to and not be intimidated by. The better they know you ahead of time, the more comfortable they’ll be moving forward.

Is It Time To Give Up On Your Lead?

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t give up too quickly on a lead – in fact, it can sometimes take 5 follow-up calls or meetings to finally hear a “Yes.” But, when does it cross the line from persistent into annoying? Once that line is crossed, it’s hard to get back into your potential client’s good graces. So when is it time to give it a rest?

When You’ve Exhausted All Possible Efforts

Do you find yourself scratching your head, desperately trying to think outside of the box for that one more way to your prospect’s heart? If you’ve contacted your lead by phone, email, text message, and offered to meet for coffee or lunch and you’re coming up against wall after wall, it’s probably time to let go.

They Tell You To Stop Calling

A more timid customer may try to put you off, telling you to call again in a month, or give them a few weeks to get back to you, when they may really want to tell you they’re not interested. But if a bolder prospect comes right out to tell you to stop your efforts, you definitely need to listen. It’s not a good idea to follow up again – this could be seen as annoying, or even harassing behavior.

When You’re Exhausted

We get it. Rejection is hard. Even if the statistics are on the side of persistence, you may have had all you can take. You may get a cold feeling from your potential client – you can probably tell by their avoidance behavior or their tone of voice (if you can get them on the phone).  It would be better in the long run, to quit before you’ve hit your wit’s end – or theirs – and take a break for a month or two. By the next time you have contact, you’ll be ready to take a fresh approach and chances are they’ll be more receptive.

It’s Not Forever

Remember that stepping back doesn’t mean that you won’t ever make things work with your lead. Keep them on your mailing lists and in the back of your mind. You may find the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling again, somewhere down the road. Keep your head up and move on to the next prospect!

Three Community Partners You Need To Connect With Today

Most of us can agree that one of the biggest ways to attract business success is making friends with the right people. Whether you’re a master networker or a wallflower at parties, reaching out to the following community partners will help drive your business forward.

The Neighborhood PTA Mom

Where can you find all of your neighborhood’s adults gathered in one place? PTA Night! What better way to connect and foster new relationships than aligning your business with the families and areas you’re hoping to serve? Aside from sponsoring a PTA night, you may want to look out for opportunities to support school sports teams, theater and music events, and more. Your sponsorship lets potential clients know that you’re invested in the neighborhood.

The Local Librarian

Libraries are wonderful resources. Many libraries have space and time for scheduled community events, like a free home buying seminar. Get in touch with your closest library to see if there are rooms available for rent (many will allow you to host an event at a minimal cost, but require that the event be free to the public.) Marketed well, you could become the go-to agent for first time homeowners, property investors, home staging – whatever your strengths may be. When those attendees are ready to buy or sell, you’ll be first on their list.

The Small Business Owner

The possibilities with small business owners are endless. From restaurants to boutiques, entrepreneurs are typically ready and willing to connect to spread the word about their products or services. Connect with a home cleaning service to suggest a steady flow of business (from the buyers and sellers you’ll refer) in return for discounts for your clients. Reach out to your favorite pizza place about advertising on their tables, and order a pizza for your new homeowners on their first night in the new house. Whether you enter into a financial partnership, by way of advertising with your small business owner friends, or strike up a mutually beneficial arrangement, by making friends with a local entrepreneur, you’re placing yourself one step closer to those personal referrals. On top of that, you’re showing off your local expertise.


Measuring Your Marketing Success

No matter how you’re marketing your business, tracking the success of your efforts is crucial. By having an idea of what’s working and what isn’t, you’ll get a better idea of how to continue to spend your money. Measuring your return on investment will help save you money AND help make you more money. Here are just a few ideas you can implement to see how hard your money is working.


In your initial conversation with a prospective client, a simple, “How did you hear about me?” is all it takes. You may find that most of your business comes from referrals, or you may find that the ad in your church bulletin is proving to be successful. Regardless, it’s important to ask and keep track of the answers. You can also send surveys to former clients and include the same question to get an idea of how your former campaigns did, in case you haven’t been keeping track.

Keep Track

This may seem like a no-brainer. And hopefully, you have an idea of how much you’ve spent and what marketing tools you use each year. A simple Excel spreadsheet is great for keeping a list of your campaigns, what dates they were active, how much it cost, and the number of leads you generated for each. For example, even if last year was a terrific success, you may find that the mailer you spent a couple of thousand dollars on gave you several clients, while your $50 Facebook ad got you one or two. You may have gotten more clients with the mailout, but the price per client is much lower for Facebook. You’ll never know if you don’t keep track.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a free code to embed on your website, which allows you to track how people are arriving on your site, how long they’re staying there, what information they’re clicking on, what pages they view last, and so much more. This is a great, easy, and totally free way to see what’s working for you, especially if you’re running any online ads. For example, if you wanted to run an ad through Facebook and through Google Ads, you could easily see which ad set is getting you the most traffic through Google Analytics.


With every system, it’s crucial to have a good period of time for measuring your actions. It’s unlikely that you’ll learn much from one campaign but six months’ worth can tell you a lot. In addition, setting up a regular time monthly or quarterly to review your marketing metrics can help you see what’s been working and keep you on the ball for the future.

Marketing Your Business In June

Happy summer! As we know, the summer months can be a little crazy (in a good way) in the real estate world. Hopefully, your business is booming and we’ll be seeing your happy face in our office several times in the next few months. Whether things are going strong or you’re wondering when you’ll get that next client, this is no time to let your marketing efforts fade away.  What can you do this month to strengthen your future business?

Keep An Eye On The Calendar

It seems like everyone is offering some kind of promotion for Independence Day. If you’re worried about getting lost in the 4th of July crowd, there are fun holidays throughout the month of July that might be fun to celebrate. What about an ice cream social in your neighborhood to celebrate National Ice Cream Month (July) or Vanilla Ice Cream Day (July 23)? Pass out free breakfast on July 26 for National Bagel Day, or hold an event to celebrate International Day of Friendship on July 30.  You can also begin to think a little further ahead to Back To School in August and host a school supply drive or back to school party.

Pop Bys

Stopping in to visit your past clients’ houses with a small gift is a great way to stay in touch. For summer themed gifts, consider a S’mores kit, beach pail filled with goodies, or gift cards to get ice cream or frozen yogurt or to see a movie in a nice, cool theater.

Social Media Fun: Party Time

Social calendars fill up during the summer months. Use your social media pages to feature easy-to-make dishes and desserts to bring along to those summer cookouts and 4th of July parties, DIY party decorations and ideas, and pool safety tips, among other ideas.

Social Media Challenge: Host A Scavenger Hunt

Get your followers engaged by hosting a fun city-wide scavenger hunt. Make a list of fun things to see and do around town (theme parks, popular eateries, and more) in the summer months, and ask them to post a photo and tag your business page. Any follower who completes your list can be entered in a drawing for a fun prize!

The Resource: June’s Social Media Plan

We often hear our real estate friends say they’re short on time and can’t handle regular posting to social media. So, each month, we collect a full month’s worth of posts for you to pass along to clients, friends and family.

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