Free Download: What Is Title Insurance?

You can download a free PDF version of this information HERE. WHAT IS A TITLE? Simply stated, the title to a piece of property is the evidence that the owner is in lawful possession of that property. WHAT IS TITLE INSURANCE? Title insurance protects real estate owners and lenders against any property loss or damage … Read more

Free Download: What You Say Matters

Word are powerful! Are you using the most positive and effective language when working with clients and colleagues? Often, a simple substitution for better word choices can make a huge difference. You can download a PDF version of the file below HERE.

Color In Branding: What Message Are You Sending?

Whether you are creating a logo, customizing your website, or creating flyers and business cards, your goal is to tell your potential clients what they can expect from you. Color plays a big part in this process as most of us associate certain colors with concrete feelings, attitudes, and tones. So what is your logo … Read more

Build Your Business In June

Happy summer! As we know, the summer months can be a little crazy (in a good way) in the real estate world. Hopefully, your business is booming and we’ll be seeing your happy face in our office several times in the next few months. Whether things are going strong or you’re wondering when you’ll get that … Read more