4 Apps That Make Instagram More Fun
Are you a REALTOR®? You are? You're using Instagram, then, right? WHAT? Stop reading this, go set up your Instagram account, and come right back. In a business as visual as Real Estate, Instagram is one of your best tools for showcasing just about everything your potential customers want to know about you and your business. Listings, local businesses and events, colleague connections, and of course, your own personality. Instagram isn't just for teens and tweens anymore. There is an ever-growing adult population on the social media network, with 23% of the adult population documenting their lives through Instagram as of January 2015. So, now that you've set up your profile, here are a couple of ways to enhance the platform through a few fun apps.


iMovie is great if you want a little more control when creating short videos for Instagram (perfect for a walk-through of a new listing, or to show off a hidden feature). The app is available on both iPhone and iPad. It let's you trim videos with ease and gives you access to special effects and filters. Download here.


There are certainly better times to post than others. On Instagram, your posts will get more exposure if you post around 2am and 5pm. You read that right. But why? At 2am, fewer people are posting (because most of them are asleep). Your early morning post will get lots of attention as followers are checking their feeds first thing in the morning. You can see more specific posting times here. Latergramme is an app that helps you schedule posts for the future. It's not fully automated - Latergramme will send you a notification to post. You can skip the 2am wake up call and let the app notify you around the same time your alarm goes off. You'll still get plenty of exposure. Check out the web app here, and download here on iOS or download here on Android.


Canva makes graphic design seem easy...ok, maybe just a little easier. The app is perfect for creating polished images on the go, adding your logo to your listing photos, and more. It's full of plenty of free features and templates, and several more if you're willing to upgrade or pay a small fee per design. Download here.


While phone cameras are better with every new release, it's difficult to find just the perfect lighting and setup to create a stunning image. Snapseed is a free photo editing app that makes touching up a "snap!" The filters may not be as plentiful as other apps, but the ability to brighten or darken only certain parts of your photo, change the brightness and contract, and make that sky look just a little bluer makes this app an ideal fix for your listing photos.  Download here for iOSand download here for Android.