7 Ways To Grow Your Email List
First, the bad news. Each year, the size of your email list decreases by a little more than 20%, mostly due to contacts changing jobs, opting out of emails, or abandoning old email addresses. Sad to hear, especially when we also know that a good email communication system has one of the highest Returns on Investment for your marketing. Now, the good news. We have 10 creative ways you can continue to grow your email list and generate more leads.

1 - Create Fantastic Content

E-mailing stock information or templates won't get you far in an age where people want transparency in business. If you want people to stay subscribed and forward emails to friends and colleagues, make it personal and make it useful.

2 - Host a Contest

Promote an online contest or free giveaway, requiring that entrants opt-in to your email communications. This is a no-brainer - people love the chance to win free stuff!

3 - Target Your Audience

By creating different lists for different kinds of customers, you can send more appropriate information to each group. Your first time homebuyers won't get much out of investment property emails. And your luxury market doesn't need information on saving up for a down payment.

4 - Start Over...Sort Of

This might seem counter-intuitive, but hear us out. If your list is a few years old, it's very likely that your emails are bouncing or being sent to spam folders. Email servers keep track of how many times users are sending things to spam, and after a certain threshold, will automatically send emails from a specific sender to spam. For example: If you have 20 Gmail users on your list, and half of them have marked you as spam, rather than unsubscribing, Gmail may start to assume that you are sending spam and automatically send you to the junk folder of future prospects. Send an email out to your list, asking them to opt-in a second time. Even if your list shrinks, it will do you better to have a smaller list of engaged contacts instead of a large list of contacts who don't read or receive your communications.

5 - Make An Offer

Offer something useful on your website. A free eBook on the home buying process? A simple pdf guide on mortgage rates? Whatever you choose, offer it in exchange for signing up for your emails. Don't forget to promote the offer on social media!

6 - Add A Call-To-Action Button To Your Facebook Page

You can find instructions here on how to add a call-to-action button to the top of your Facebook Business Page. As followers peruse your page for information, they'll have the option to join your mailing list then and there. Optimize this by sharing your email blasts on social media so they can preview the kind of information they'll be receiving.

7 - Promote With A Friend

If you run a promotion or giveaway with a colleague or business partner that requires signing up for both of your email lists, you'll be gaining followers and helping your friend do the same. And as we said above, people are crazy for giveaways.