Why Do Some Agents Seem to Sell, Sell, Sell?
Do you ever feel like you're working hours on end without making the progress you'd like? Additionally, do you feel like some agents seem to have all the luck, selling homes quickly and ganging new clients left and right? If you're struggling to make the sale, take a look at the top three things that make a property sell. It may be time to strengthen your skills.


A great agent has the ability to set a fair and correct price for a property, so that buyers are enticed and sellers are happy. This requires a strong personality. It's important to stand your ground when setting a price with your sellers and letting them know what they need to accomplish for the home to earn that price.

Aggressive Marketing

Strong agents will have an aggressive and consistent way to advertise and promote the property. A flyer and Facebook ad may not cut it for every home. If you're struggling for more ideas, take a look at what your successful competitors are doing for inspiration. You can also check out this list of 50 Creative Ideas to Sell Your Property. A strong marketing plan is two-fold. One, it obviously tells more people about the home. Two, it lets your sellers know how hard you're working for them, leading to strong referrals down the road.

Strong Negotiating Skills

Successful agents require strong negotiating skills to sit down with the buyer, the seller, and perhaps another agent, to come to an agreement to sell. Again, this is a necessary skill, but one that will also lead to referrals when your seller knows you'll go to bat for them. A newer, or weaker agent will probably be lacking in one of these three skills. That agent may not have the courage to speak up and tell a seller when a house is over-priced. A weaker agent may think that listing a house on the MLS is enough, with no real effort on to market it. Or he or she may lack the diplomatic skills to negotiate with buyer and seller for compromise. There's always room for improvement, and knowing your weaknesses in the first step to solving the problem.