Are these bad habits ruining your client relationships?

It's no surprise that consumers aren't comfortable around salespeople, whether they're selling real estate or anything else. But could your sales tactics be hurting your chances of winning your next client? Here are just a few things that could be causing your leads to run the other way.  

1. Not Really Listening

Professionals in any kind of sales industry have a reputation for pushing for a sale so hard that their customer's needs are ignored. Time is precious to all of us and a customer that doesn't feel important to you won't waste their time. Whether your lead is telling you they aren't ready yet to buy or sell, or your current client wants to take a break from house hunting, make sure you're listening well and acting accordingly.

2. Not Following Through On Your Promises

It's not enough to speak confidently - your actions need to be able to back up your pitch. Take a thorough assessment of how you're marketing yourself online and in the materials you send out. Are you truly an expert in the areas you claim? Does your branding match the "real" you? Nothing will shake a potential client's trust more than making an appointment with the "you" they found online and showing up to meet someone completely different. Furthermore, keep their trust by doing what you say you'll do. When you say, "I'll be in touch by the end of the day," keep that promise!

3. Not Being Honest

Though you may be tempted to slip in a little white lie every once in a while to keep a client interested, this is the absolute worst thing you can do. Not only is it unethical, but it can only hurt your client retention and referral rates. Be honest and upfront about important details, especially as you get close the transaction itself and need to be dealing with deadlines, paperwork, and other parties.        

4. Not Responding Quickly

You may be busier than ever in this crazy market, but contacts and clients are burning with questions, especially if they're purchasing a home for the first time. Assure them by responding as quickly as possible, even if it's a message saying you've seen the message and you'll get back to them later.

5. Pressuring Clients to Make a Decision

Let's be real: your clients know you'll be receiving a commission on your work with them, and it's income you depend on, of course. However, an aggressive, pressuring approach will leave clients wondering if you care more about their best interests or the commission itself. Clear communication and advice about the consequences of each decision (especially in a hot market) will help you put the focus back on their interests.