Are You Sending Hidden Messages? Let Customers Know You Care By Changing These Habits.

Even those of us with the best intentions can send the wrong messages to the people around us. The three actions and habits below may not seem like huge faux pas, but you can be sure they tell potential clients that you aren’t invested.

Responding to calls and emails isn’t your top priority.

If clients are waiting days (or even hours, depending on the client), can make a huge difference in the way your client feels. You’re incredibly busy, of course, and may not think a slow response is a big deal. But your client does. Even if you are truly too busy to send a well-thought-out email, it doesn’t take much time to send a quick text or email that says “I received your message and want to respond more thoughtfully later.”

You aren’t touching base.

It would be rare for a client to feel like you’ve over-communciated, especially in the real estate industry. But almost all of us have been guilty of communicating too little at times. When people don’t hear from you, they usually assume the worst, thinking a deal has fallen through, or that you aren’t doing your job. Fix this by touching base regularly. Even if it’s a quick update to say, “I know you’re probably feeling anxious, but we don’t have any news yet” or “I just wanted to let you know where we are in this process.” By the way – this is a great practice to have with clients, but also a great idea with colleagues and team members.

You don’t ask for things until the last minute.

When you ask a client or team member for items at the last minute, it sends a message that you’re working on things at the last minute as well. When possible, look ahead and give timelines as far in advance as you can. This also sends the message that you are appreciative of others’ time and schedules. The same goes for deadlines – missing a deadline is one way we can convey to others that we don’t respect their time. Sticking to an agree-upon schedule is crucial.