Building Your Business in January

Wow - 2020 came so quickly! But isn't there something beautiful about the gift of a fresh, new year? The possibilities seem endless. If you're like most, you probably have goals you plan to reach this year, and a good idea of how to achieve them.  This is a perfect time to take advantage of the momentum you've built up in your time off and watch that positivity bring growth to your business!

Set Those Goals!

If you haven't done so already, write out your goals for the coming year - it's not too late! What would you like to accomplish? Was 2019 a big success for your business, or is there still some room for growth? Be ambitious - shoot for the stars! - but it's a good idea to also be realistic when you're setting your goals. Setting expectations that are just out of reach may challenge you, or it may intimidate you and cause you to jump ship before the month is over! Know what works for you and plan your year accordingly.

Make The Commitment

After you've set some goals, put pen to paper to create an action plan of how your work each month of the year will help you reach success. It's one thing to make a goal, but quite another to build the roadmap that will help you get there. For many, carving out time to spend on your own business can be the most difficult task. Set aside some dedicated time to work on your OWN business, and stick to that plan as you would an appointment with a client. Your business deserves your attention, too!

Resolutions and Reminders

This is a great time to reach out to clients and remind them of important dates in the New Year. Home maintenance schedules, Texas Homestead Exemptions, and organizational tips are all great ways to stay connected and prove your value.

Looking Ahead

Get your Valentine's ready! Whether you're treating your contacts to a pop-by for Valentine's Day, or celebrating some lesser known February holidays (National Send A Card To A Friend Day is February 7 and National Love Your Pet Day is February 20 - see more unique days at National Day Calendar), now is definitely the time to prepare.

Social Media Challenge

Try a Photo-A-Day Challenge for your January Social Media efforts. You can track your own New Year's Resolution progress, give followers a glimpse into the life of a real estate agent, or show something a little more personal. The idea of the challenge is to give followers a chance to see the "real" you. Photos have a high rate of engagement across all social media platforms, so there's even one more benefit!