Can Facebook Groups Help You Grow Your Business?
We know, we know. Websites, Facebook Business Pages, Instagram never ends! And we're here to tell you today that there's still another great way you could be reaching your audience. Facebook Groups, which function more like community forums than anything else, could be your next step in positioning yourself to meet your next client.

Why Create A Facebook Group?

Most of the adult world is on social media, and Facebook is, by far, the most popular social media platform. More and more, consumers are consulting their friends online, whether they're looking for a good restaurant or a good karate class. By creating and facilitating a new community group, you are positioning yourself as a point of connection for your potential clients. A Facebook Group isn't meant to be a constant advertisement for your business, but a way for you to create and foster relationships (while letting the community know about your services from time to time).

What Kind of Group Should I Create?

The group you create should match your own activity and involvement in the community. Focus on the area you live in, your hobbies and interests, and the things you know best. The idea is to brand yourself as the community expert.

Neighborhood Groups.

A group focused on your neighborhood or a particular area of town is an excellent idea. Check to see what might already be in place, but there also wouldn't be a problem if there were more than one group for an area. If you create a neighborhood group, it's best to concentrate on the area that you live in or spend most of your time in. Invite friends who already live in the area and ask them to do the same. Get people involved by asking questions and advice or by giving small business owners a chance to advertise their own business. Stay active in the group and people will begin to see you as the area expert.

Hobby and Interest Groups

If there's a cause or hobby near and dear to your heart, this may be your best choice. Whether your hobby is rescuing dogs, gardening, interior design, or even reading, there's an opportunity to connect and create relationships.

School and Sports Groups

This kind of group is especially effective if you have children involved in your local school or sports teams. Create a group that allows families to connect and ask questions about school or the team. Again, make your goal to be the most involved on the page, both asking and answering questions. Offer a free school or game calendar (with your branding, of course) to anyone that needs it and make sure that the community knows you can help them when the time comes to buy or sell.

How Do I Get Started?

Facebook offers a simple tutorial on How To Create A Facebook Group.