When Is It Best To Call, Email, Or Text With Clients?

Let’s face it – we live in a world where texting is the primary form of communication for most people. In many cases, your clients may have even said they prefer a text to an email or phone conversation. Technology has given us many wonderful things – and being able to send a quick message that says, “I’m running 5 minutes behind,” or “Picking up coffee before our meeting – what can I get you?” is a perk of living in the 21st century.

But there are certainly times when a phone call is not just preferable, but more appropriate for the situation. And there are times when choosing between a phone call or electronic communication can make or break your relationship with a client. Don’t panic – we’re breaking it down below.

Send A Text If…

  • You have already been working with your client for some time.
  • The information you’re delivering is brief (ex. changing a meeting time, thanking the client for meeting with you)
  • The information you’re delivering is not complicated.
  • Your question or information does not require a complicated response.
  • The client has given your their direct cell phone number and given you permission to text.

Send An Email If…

  • You have had a conversation with a client that requires additional information. For example, you’ve told them about a listing you think they’d like, and you want to follow up with website information.
  • You want to ensure that there is a record of communication.
  • Provide brief status updates.

Make a Phone Call If…

  • You have not already met with your client in person or had a phone conversation. Your first impression should never be via text message.
  • You’re delivering bad news. It’s important for your client to hear your tone of voice and for you to gauge his or her response so you can choose the best path to take next.
  • When it’s important to you that information (whether it’s practical information or tone of voice) is delivered accurately and in the proper context.
  • The nature of your conversation will likely take more than an exchange for 1 or 2 sentences.

Please Be Cautious. A Real Estate Scam is Picking Up Steam.

Hackers are targeting real estate wire transfers to scam people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and its now one of the fastest growing internet scams in the world. This is according to a recent report from WGN in Chicago, but it’s going on all over the place.

This is how it works:

  1. Hackers break into thousands of email accounts without anyone knowing.
  2. They watch the activity and spot when someone is about to conduct a real estate transaction.
  3. Just before close, they send a phony email to the buyer. This email looks like it comes from the title company, saying they’ve just changed banks, and providing “new” wire instructions.
  4. In the meantime, they’ve set up an offshore checking account. When the money changes hands, they cash it out and vanish.

Please be wary of this scam. It has already cost U.S. homebuyers over half-a-billion dollars in the last year. Here are a few pointers to avoid getting stung:

  • We at Frontier Title don’t change banks, so if you get a notice like this, it’s probably not legit. When in doubt, call your title officer for confirmation.
  • This isn’t the only scam that email hackers can perpetrate against you. Please keep a secure email password, at least 8 characters long. It should contain letters, numbers, and special characters, and shouldn’t be a real word.
  • Wire transactions take about 72 hours to go through, so if you’re concerned that something is going on, contact your bank immediately. The FBI handles fraud cases like this, so get in touch with them as well.

What’s The Best Selling Style For Your Personality?

Let’s face it – not everyone is a natural salesperson. For those uncomfortable with the stereotypical style of a hard sell, business goals may seem out of reach. Never fear! You can achieve sales success without compromising your personality by following some of the guidelines below!

George Dudley and Shannon Goodson have developed a six-factor model of selling that takes into account different personalities and comfort levels.

The six styles they outline are:

Competition-oriented selling. 

Competition-oriented sellers are persistent in persuasive efforts. They don’t take no for an answer and will do everything within his or her power to close the deal.

Image-oriented selling. 

Sellers who are Image-oriented rely on their reputation and credibility to help them stand out from the crowd. Their reputation has done most of the work ahead of time and customers usually seek out Image-oriented salespeople.

Need-oriented selling. 

Need-oriented sellers focus on, you guessed it, the needs of the customer. They are diplomatic, quick to respond, and start relationships by asking questions meant to discover the customer’s real needs. They are problem solvers and are skilled at calming fears of reluctant clients.

Product-oriented selling. 

Product-oriented sellers are extremely knowledgable about features and benefits of the product they are trying to sell. They are educators at heart and good at explaining complicated processes to their customers.

Rapport-oriented selling. 

If you walk away from transactions with new friends, chances are you are Rapport-oriented. These kinds of sellers build and develop relationships with their clients, gaining trust and almost becoming business partners with their customers. Communication is key for this personality.

Service Oriented selling.

Service-oriented sellers fall somewhere between Rapport- and Need-oriented  sellers. These sellers are able to explain and follow through on exceptional services, unique to their personality and brand.




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