Got 10 Minutes? We’ve Got 25 Ways Give Your Social Media A Boost!

If you've got 10 minutes today, you can improve your social media presence.

You don't have to drive yourself crazy with your social media schedule. Just a few quick, focused minutes each day can make a big difference in driving traffic to your page, your website, and ultimately, your inbox. Social media is growing every day and becoming the most affordable and effective way to build your credibility. We've gathered 25 quick ideas for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that can make an impact today.


  1. Updated your Facebook page profile picture.
  2. Update your Facebook page cover photo.
  3. Share an article that reflects your business and knowledge.
  4. Ask your followers an engaging question.
  5. Post two photos of different style homes and ask your audience which they prefer. Getting people to engage with your posts is a great way to make your page more visible to others.
  6. Schedule a few posts ahead of time through your Facebook page or through a service like Hootsuite or Buffer.
  7. Follow fellow business pages as your page.
  8. Comment on other business pages as your page (city and government pages, local businesses, restaurants, and schools can give you great visibility).
  9. Send a friendly message to a former client.
  10. Post a review of a business you love.
  11. Search for neighborhood groups you can join and connect with.


  1. Set up an account (if you don't already have one)!
  2. Update your profile information.
  3. Connect your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.
  4. Post a picture that tells your followers something unique about you.
  5. Research the best hashtags to use for better engagements. Emojis are searchable on Instagram, too!
  6. Search for and follow former clients.
  7. Follow local businesses.
  8. Follow agents you admire, locally and in other cities, for inspiration.


  1. Connect to colleagues and friends, both in your industry and beyond.
  2. Update your profile. Remember, everything on LinkedIn should be written in first person.
  3. Share an article that reflects your industry knowledge.
  4. Write personal notes to recognize birthdays, promotions, and job changes - you never know where these little conversations may lead!
  5. Find groups that inspire you to grow in your industry.
  6. Find agents that inspire you and look through their pages for motivation.