Got some spare time? We’ve got some blog inspiration for you!

Whether business is booming or you’re waiting for the phone to ring this December, it’s always a good time to improve your website game with a little bloggine. And you’re in luck, because we have 4 great ways to get you past any holiday writer’s block and show you’re potential clients that business is always on your mind. 

Holiday Fun

What are your favorite holiday activities? No matter where your interests lie, you can create a fun and interesting blog for your clientele. Are you a foodie? Make a list of the top spots for pumpkin pie in your town! Do you know all the best places to see Christmas lights? Write it down and pass it on! Are you a parent of little ones? Try a blog letting your audience know where they can stop to see Santa. A blog post like this does a couple of things for your business. It keeps your current clientele in the know, but will also rank pretty well in search results. Most importantly, it helps your readers get to know the real you.

Winter Tips at Home

In Texas, we might laugh a little at the thought of “winterizing” your home. But even though people might not need to snow-proof their homes, there are good home maintenance tips you can offer during our colder months from gardening to regular updates. 

Safety and Security Advice for Vacationers

We all worry about safety when we leave for vacation, so this is a perfect time to share some tips on how to keep things secure at home. You can do a little online research to find some great advice to pass on. This kind of post shows that you are truly invested in the well-being of your followers, friends, and clients.

Holiday Recipes or Decorations

Got a list of favorite recipes for celebrating? Or advice on throwing a great party?  Pass those tips on to family and friends via your website blogs. The more unique and “closer to home” the better. Let this be a great blog for telling a personal story about your grandmother’s famous cookie recipe, or your own family holiday traditions.