June Marketing Plan – Building Your Real Estate Business

It's time to build up your June Marketing Plan! Summer is here! The kids are out of school, the pool is open, and it's peak time for buying and selling real estate! Whether or not your business is booming this summer, June sets you up with great opportunities for connecting with clients old and new. Plan for it now!


National Homeownership Month gives you a great reason to reconnect with former clients as a part of your June Marketing Plan. Drop off a small gift to celebrate and say hello to past clients. Are you ready to launch into videos on social media? A live Q&A session for prospective homeowners is great for a larger following. If your following is smaller, a series of short videos (30-60 seconds) focusing on one topic at a time will be a great booster.

FLAG DAY - June 14th

Did you know that you can purchase 100 mini US Flags for just $26? Dropping off a couple for each home in your neighborhood gives you a great reason to stop in and meet the neighbors! (

FATHER'S DAY - June 19th

Dad deserves a little love this month! Father's Day pop by ideas include "POP-corn" and grilling tools. Looking for another fun way to socialize with clients? Have them meet you at a neighborhood park for "Donuts with Dad" and offer free coffee and donuts!


Use your blog or social media accounts as a major part of your June Marketing Plan. You can help promote local businesses and their offerings for kids over the summer. You'll be happy for the new business connections, and your clientele will be happy for some great info! If you've got the time and energy, look into partnering with a local business to offer a discount deal just for your clients.