Making Your Social Media Stand Out
Have you ever been scrolling through social media posts and been able to match a photo to the company that posted it just by sight? If so, you're following a company or brand with a well-defined social media plan. You can do this, too, even if you're running your business as an individual, and it's not a difficult task. Brand consistency is crucial to attracting customers. Your potential client wants to know what they can expect from you, so letting your online look match the work and style of service you provide helps you earn trust from your followers. Where to begin?

Start With A Social Media Style Guide

You can create your style guide in a Word Doc, or get a little creative with another program. The idea is to clearly define the look and tone of your social media posts, and stick to them. Before you know it, your brand will be easily recognizable and matched to your skill. Ask your self these questions: 1. What colors do I use in my branding? Will I include any other complementary colors in my branding? 2. What tone will my social media set? Professional? Cheerful? Knowledgable? Whimsical? 2. Which fonts am I using in my logo and branding? What other fonts will complement my look? 3. Which programs or apps will I use for creating templates for branded images? (Take a look at Canva and Adobe Spark if you're looking for ideas) 4. What size and dimensions will my branded images be? Your images should be consistent across all posts. 5. Where will I find my images for graphic-based posts? Will I take photos myself or look for stock photography? Will I use the same photo filter each time for a consistent look? 6. Where will my logo and/or contact information appear on each of my branded images? By answering these questions and sticking to the style guide you create, you're helping your followers identify your work on sight and building familiarity.

Check for Consistency

Now that you've made some choices, visit each of your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia, etc, etc, etc). Each profile picture should match. And while cover photos have a little more flexibility, they should match each other in tone. Check your profile info and about sections - do they have the same information? Is the contact information up-to-date, easy to find, and correct?