The Resource: March 2017

We often hear our real estate friends say they’re short on time and can’t handle regular posting to social media. So, each month, we collect a full month’s worth of posts for you to pass along to clients, friends and family.

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Some of the BEST Free Marketing Resources for Real Estate Agents

We are so lucky to live in the age of the internet, where so many things are available at the click of a mouse. From YouTube to free online courses to downloadable templates, there are so many free resources to help your business grow. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite (and 100% FREE) downloads below.

Marketing Calendar from Search Engine Journal

Anna Crowe offers 3 templates for Marketing Calendars throughout the year, complete with holidays and examples of great marketing ideas from reputable companies.

Real Estate Listing Templates from Canva

If Canva isn’t already your go-to app for image creation, download it today! But even if their already-super-simple programs aren’t working for you, their real estate templates offer a no-brainer way to make your listings look incredible.

Zillow’s Real Estate Marketing Plan

Whether you love or hate Zillow, their marketing plan is comprehensive, allowing you to take a good look at what your goals are, what you’re doing now, and what you can be doing better.

Tierra Wilson’s Checklist for Marketing A New Listing

Tierra Wilson is an excellent resource for all things small business, but she has a great background in real estate marketing, specifically. This checklist is no exception, especially if you want to step up your game with your latest listing.

Social Media Marketing Checklist From Software Advice

Social media is such an incredible resource. It’s free advertising, client followup, and top-of-mind awareness. This checklist should help you get things in order to use it well.

The Resource: October 2016

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