3 Ways To Keep Your Team Invested

In our last blog, we wrote about how to handle an employee who becomes a competitor. While there are steps you should take if this ever happens to you, there are also ways to prevent it from happening. Employees and team members who feel valued and respected don’t feel a need to leave.

Keep The Focus On The Team

As the head of a successful team, there may be a temptation to view your own position as the most important. The truth is, your position relies on your team members and employees for growth and continued success. Almost everyone has been at the mercy of a boss who didn’t value employees and it typically ends in separation. Know what is going on with your team. Respect their time, skills and obligations and recognize their achievements so they can see how important they are to the success of the whole.

Make Room For New Leaders

Just because you can do a job doesn’t mean you’re the best person for it. If one of your team members excels in a certain area, look to them to lead the other members of the group. By placing them in positions of leadership, even just by the way you treat them, you are transferring a bit of ownership. That sense of ownership turns into investment and, in the long run, your employees will understand their value.



Speak Clearly

If you’ve ever worked with a boss who didn’t make their expectations clear, you’ll recognize the importance of this point. Without strong communication, employees are left feeling confused and disconnected, unsure of how to please you or make improvements. Be direct and clear about what you need to see so they can see how they’re contributing to the big picture.


Is It Time To Grow Your Team?

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Business is going well and you seem to have more on your plate than you can handle. The idea of adding to your team is starting to feel not only achievable, but necessary. But how do you know when it’s really time to grow?

Here are a few signs that point to necessary team growth:

You’re spending most of your day resolving problems on current transactions or losing time doing paperwork.

This could be a signal that you’re not able to focus on your work. Hiring a team member or two will let you each play to your strengths and free you up for continuing to build the business. Paperwork is something with which a newer agent or assistant should be able to easily assist you.

You are not conducting lead generating activities.

This is how your business grows. If your time and attention is pulled away by other things, you and your business will grow stagnant.

No matter how hard you plan, you just can’t stay on top of things.

When business is booming and you’re the only one working on it, there’s no way you can stick with a plan. When you have to choose between working on your business or finalizing a contract, you’ll choose the contract every time. And your business will suffer for it.

Your work/life balance is way off kilter.

If you wake up and open your email, and fall asleep doing the same, you’re overworked and that can lead to dissatisfaction or even depression. Find some balance by letting someone help you.

If any (or all) of the above statements rang true for you, it’s time to grow! The good news is, it’s time to find someone to ease your burden. The bad news is, you’ve got to find time to hire!

The question is: are you ready to create a team? Or would your needs be satisfied with an assistant or part-time help? Hiring a team requires a lot of work on your end. You’ll need to create policies and procedures, as well as a system that you and your new employees can stick to. Whichever route you choose, take it slow. This is something you want to do well, so don’t rush into a new hire.