Take It Offline: 5 Non-Internet Marketing Tactics That Still Work
We can all agree that the internet has completely changed the way we do business. Marketing, more than almost anything, has completely reinvented itself through social media platforms and blogging, among other things. The connectivity of the world wide web has made reaching millions of people more achievable than ever. However, you don't have to be glued to Facebook or a blogging expert to reach your dream client. These tried and true marketing tactics are still valuable means of reaching out. Direct Mail- Direct Mail isn't as dead as some might say. Many customers still respond to advertisements they receive in the mail. The secret is reaching the right people, of course. If mailers are right up your alley, invest in a super targeted list to reach your key demographic and you'll see better results. Cold Calling- We don't know many people who love cold calling. But the reality is that cold calling works. Just like mailings, don’t waste time calling the wrong people. Make sure your call list is highly targeted.
  Networking- Are you making the most out of your time by attending networking events, parties, classes, and more? Don't neglect this incredibly important part of growing your business. And don't stop at attending either - be sure to exchange information and build the foundations of relationships at each opportunity. Relationship Building- This won't be changing anytime soon. People prefer to do business with people they know, trust, and like. And this is where the internet fails us most. It's not easy to build solid relationships via social media and email. Building genuine relationships requires serious time and face to face interactions, but they'll get you a lot farther in the long run.