Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Real Estate Business
In this social-media-saturated world, chances are you have a Facebook page. You probably even have a Facebook business page, and a Twitter account. You may even have an Instagram if you're really in the know. But what does your LinkedIn page look like? LinkedIn seems to be a lost resource for many real estate agents. That might be because of the perception that it's used mostly by people looking for employment opportunities. This is not the case and, hopefully, by using some of the tips below, you'll grow your business by using LinkedIn well. LinkedIn may have a reputation as a job search site, but you should consider it as a 24/7 networking event for business professionals. Even better, it's an event that will give you time to speak your mind, tell others about what you do, and make the case for what makes you better than your competition.

Step One: Look The Part

You wouldn't ever arrive at a networking event dressed casually. Make sure your picture is recent, professionally taken, and cropped well. Snapshots and family photos have no place here - your profile picture makes a difference.

Step Two: Complete Your Information

You'd never hand someone an outdated business card. Make sure that your profile information is complete. Your summary, current role, and previous positions should be detailed and written in the first person. LinkedIn, like all social media, is conversational. Consider recording yourself speaking about who you are and what you do, then transcribe it to make sure it truly "sounds" like you. People on LinkedIn are interested in your past experience, but if you have a gap in employment, irrelevant jobs in your history, or a job you only took for a few months, it's okay to omit the information. It's more beneficial to see the positions that helped you become the amazing professional you are today.

Step Three: Connect

In the world of LinkedIn, connecting with acquaintances, or even people you'd like to get to know better, doesn't have the creepiness factor that Facebook does. Growing your network is important (we'll get more into this in Step Five). When you send or accept a connection request, send along a quick note. The note can be as simple as, "It was great meeting you last week" or "I really admire you and I'd love to connect." Again, at a live networking event, you'd want to reach out to others. Standing on the sidelines won't help you grow your business.

Step Four: Interact

LinkedIn gives you lots of opportunities to interact with others. You can comment on articles and updates, congratulate colleagues on promotions, new positions, work anniversaries, wish people a happy birthday, etc. All of these instances give you an opportunity to send a personal note. Leave business out of it and send your genuine well-wishes. You'll be happy to reinforce the connection and the recipient will be appreciative of a sincere message without a sales piece.

Step Five: Publish

Now that you've got a strong audience (thanks, Step Three!), you'll want to remind them that you're there. By publishing links to articles, quotes, and status updates, your network will recognize you as an authority in your field.  
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