Are You Using These Social Media Platforms?

According to Dreamgrow, the Top 5 most popular social media sites (as of February 1, 2017) are:

  1. Facebook – 1,790,000,000 monthly visitors
  2. YouTube – 1,000,000,000 monthly visitors
  3. Instagram – 500,000,000 monthly visitors
  4. Twitter – 313,000,000 monthly visitors

Chances are, you are already taking advantage of Facebook’s network and promoting your business accordingly. Many real estate professionals also use Twitter and Instagram, and a few use YouTube. We’re going to go through a brief overview of each of these platforms and how your business can benefit from each.


Facebook is the most obvious choice for business boosting, and rightly so. Around 70% of the entire adult population hold Facebook accounts. The amount of users under the age of 18 shrinks each year as those users flock to newer platforms. Facebook is great because it makes it really easy to get conversations started through comments and “likes” – it’s perfect for building positive associations with your potential customers. Because Facebook is free, you can post advertisements (in the form of status updates, events, and more) directly to your followers at no cost, saving on your advertising budget. Their paid advertising is flexible and affordable for literally any budget and will help you reach a much broader audience. Next up – try live videos!


A lot of people may be under the impression that actively participating in YouTube is more work than it’s worth. Not so. While professional videos can be a big benefit for your business, what most people are looking for is information and transparency. Jessica Riffle Edwards is winning the YouTube game. The majority of her videos are filmed in the car, answering quick questions, filmed with her phone. By filming in her car, she gives her audience the impression that she is busy and on-the-go. Her videos are informative and helpful and brief – but they don’t require editing or a professional team. Not only that, but her useful information paints her as an authority in the industry. Take a tip from Edwards and film a video TODAY. Answer a question you always hear from clients. Make it brief, make it helpful, and get over your fears – upload it!


While only 23% of the adult population is on Twitter, it’s still a bustling hub of activity, and many people turn to Twitter to learn more about the world around them, ask questions, and get opinions. Just like any social media platform, or any relationship you build, you should expect lead generation to happen immediately. It’s about fostering relationships. Engage others by retweeting, replying, exchanging information, and forging friendships. Looking for people to engage with? Go to: and fill out the places setting along with pertinent search terms such as “moving” or “buying a house” and see what the results provide. You’ll have prospective clients before you knot it.


There’s a false impression that Instagram is for teens and pre-teens. In fact, 33% of adults age 30-49 are on Instagram, and 59% of Milennials are using it, too. Business have noticed this trend and are jumping on board. In real estate, the product is so visual that an Instagram account makes perfect sense. Use hashtags like #realtor, #dreamhome, and #househunters on you pictures to drive traffic to your account and watch your following grow. Again, don’t think of it as a lead generator as much as a relationship builder. Reach out to others and see what’s going on in your community.