What do you Need to Succeed in Sales?

John Rampton at Entrepreneur.com recently published a list of 15 must-have qualities for successful salespeople. You can see the full list here, but our five favorites are listed below!


Being conscientious means that you pay attention to what you’re doing, approaching each task with the intention of doing your work well and thoroughly. A conscientious attitude will shine through to your clients and prospects. They’ll appreciate the pride you take in your work, and it will give them confidence that you’ll approach their needs with the same diligence.


People can have different views of what it means to be respectful, so it’s a good idea to take a look at your actions and habits and make sure you’re considering the needs of the people around you. Do you respect others’ time by being prompt and prepared? Do you respect your clients’ needs by listening well and implementing their ideas? Do you respect the capabilities of your team members by asking their advice or delegating tasks to those who need experience? People who respect others earn respect back.


Persistence is a necessity in sales. Between cold calls, lukewarm clients, and sales slumps, it can be difficult to find the strength to keep going. Face rejection head on, take it as a necessity of the industry, and keep going! Rampton’s best advice here is “in lieu of the hard sell, lead with kindness and consideration.”


People who get things done rarely wait for others to take the lead. Instead of waiting for directions from your team, be proactive about your approach. Read everything you can about your business, and look ahead to what problems might arise so you can tackle them before they become issues. Your clients will certainly appreciate the forethought you have when it comes to dealing with their needs.


As important as it is to be persistent and take initiative, the best leaders know when they need help and advice. Rampton writes that “being energetic, willing to learn and having the ability to adapt” are all crucial skills. Constantly seek for ways to improve. Find a mentor to connect with if you haven’t already, and let them guide you through the next steps of your career.