Do You Have Too Many Social Media Accounts?

Don’t be crazy – having a strong presence on social media is crucial to your business. It’s free marketing and advertising, after all. Not to mention that more and more, people are looking online for help in almost every industry. However, your social media accounts could also be hurting your chances of securing that next client. … Read more

4 Apps That Make Instagram More Fun

Are you a REALTOR®? You are? You’re using Instagram, then, right? WHAT? Stop reading this, go set up your Instagram account, and come right back. In a business as visual as Real Estate, Instagram is one of your best tools for showcasing just about everything your potential customers want to know about you and your … Read more

Starting Business Conversations With Strangers

Many of us regularly attend networking events, mingle with colleagues and potential clients, pass out business cards, follow up and hope to gain a little business from each event. But, if you stop to think about the daily encounters you have with strangers, from elevator rides to standing in line at the grocery store, your … Read more

Building Your Business In December

As business slows down for the holidays, you may be looking forward to a little rest and relaxation. Taking the time to rejuvenate is crucial to staying energized throughout the year. However, if you’re up for it, the downtime may be the perfect time to work on your business. Plan It Out Take a look … Read more

6 Holiday Gifts Under $30 For Your Favorite Clients

Oh no! Christmas is just weeks away! Have you ordered your client gifts yet? There are plenty of standard gifts available, but what will you send to those extra special clients this year? We’ve compiled a list of options – all under $30 – for your closer relationships. Gingerbread Man Seed Cylinder, Wild Birds Unlimited $26.99 … Read more

Holiday Party Networking Survival Guide

Whether or not your work has slowed down for the holiday season, we all know the party and networking opportunities are all closing in on you! The season provides some of the best chances to meet, greet, and generate leads that you’ll see all year. To make the most of the celebrations, here are 10 … Read more

The Resource: December 2016

We’re happy to share some great articles with you this month. Please feel free to pass these along to clients, friends and family. Holidays How To Pick And Buy The Best Christmas Tree Ever Homemade Gifts For The Holidays 21 Perfect Host/Hostess Gifts 20 Holiday Desserts That Are As Pretty As The Decor The Easy … Read more