Frontier Family Spotlight: Katie Ekis

We’re excited to introduce San Antonio’s Katie Ekis, Escrow Officer in this month’s Frontier Family Spotlight. Katie celebrated 3 years with Frontier Title Company in August 2017, but she’s had years of experience in the Title Industry as well as in banking.

What do you think sets Frontier Title Company apart?

We care and we’re willing to do what it takes to get the job done and done right.  After all, we don’t work 8-5, we work start to finish.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working with people, my coworkers, the realtors and buyers and sellers

What are three traits that define you?

Organized, Detailed, Compassionate

What is your personal philosophy?

Work hard, play hard

How do you define success?

Success to me is knowing I have done right by the clients.  Seeing the happy faces at the closing table makes me feel like I have succeeded

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I spend my time outside of work with my husband, Josh and our two dachshunds, Arnold Palmer and Frankenstein.  We enjoy taking them with us to pet friendly restaurants, watching movies, making pottery on the wheel we have at home, and going to concerts (We just saw Tom Petty & the Lumineers in Seattle and Green Day here in SA)

Marketing Your Business In September

The kids are in school, vacation is a distant memory, and the holidays will be here before you know it. How are you marketing your business this month?

Upcoming Holidays

Looking ahead to October, Halloween is always an obvious choice. But there are plenty of other ways to reach out to potential and former clients.

  • National Homemade Cookie Day (October 1)
  • World Teacher’s Day (October 5)
  • Fire Prevention Day (October 9)
  • National Nut Day (October 22)
  • Make A Difference Day (October 28)
  • Get Organized Week (First Week in October)
  • Fire Prevention Week (Second Week in October)
  • Cookie Month
  • Popcorn Popping Month

See more at

Helping Those In Need

There’s been so much tragedy in the news, starting with Hurricane Harvey in our home base of Houston. But there are earthquake victims in Mexico, Hurricane victims in Florida and Puerto Rico, and wildfire victims in Montana and the Northeast, among others. This is a great time to help serve those in need and foster community spirit. operates through the Better Business Bureau and gives information on charitable organizations. Do your research before you align yourself with a particular cause.

Fall-Themed Newsletters and Social Media

Fall is a great time to consider selling or buying a home. You can use your newsletters, social media, and emails to encourage prospects to take advantage of the extra activity in the market. Create a blog about the advantages of buying in the fall and post to social media or include it in an email blast. Don’t forget current clients – give them reminders on preparing their homes for fall, including cleaning gutters, roof maintenance, heater tips, etc.

What other ideas do you plan to employ this fall?

Ready To Stand Out?

stand out in real estate


In the oh-so-small world of real estate, it’s easy to feel like you’re swimming upstream. Whether you’re new to the market or you’re a seasoned pro, competition for real estate is fierce. How can you set yourself and your services apart from the rest?


Find Your Niche

If you’re new to the world of real estate, this one might not come as easily as it would to a more experienced agent. However, focusing on mastering a sub-section of the market is important. Just as in any other business, potential clients are looking for someone who can understand their unique needs, whether it’s a veteran, a luxury buyer, a senior citizen, or a first-time buyer. General knowledge is fine, but finding your niche allows you to shine.

Newer agents may want to focus on a particular neighborhood or zip code, a specific type of property, or a specific kind of client. Seasoned agents can look at their past clientele and transactions to find both their strength and source of joy to find a niche.


Embrace Your Differences

In both personal and professional circles, your personal characteristics, hobbies, and relationships are the most interesting thing about you. Take advantage of any memberships you hold in social organizations, churches, or academic environments and look to serve your fellow members. On social media and on your website, highlight your passions. You may love rescue dogs, local theater and art, or running marathons. These differentiators certainly won’t hurt you, but they will absolutely make you easier to find for a potential client who shares your interests.


Share Your Knowledge

One great way to separate yourself from the crowd is to offer training events or workshops that connect with the public in a meaningful way. Local libraries often offer space for free and these spots make great locations for community classes. You don’t have to stick to the classic first-time home buyer class either. If you’re an expert stager, offer a course on staging a home to sell. If you’ve found a niche working with seniors, offer a class in helping elderly parents move. There are a wealth of topics to teach that could both help the public and help your business.


Help Your Clients Avoid Post-Harvey Scammers

In the weeks since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and South Texas, there’s been no shortage of information and advice regarding post-hurricane scammers. The nature of the scams vary, from disreputable fundraisers to home repairs to even people filing false flood claims. This kind of illegal activity isn’t exclusive to Harvey, of course. After Hurricane Katrina, over 1,400 people were prosecuted for fraud related to the storm.

FEMA recently guarded against fraudulent robocalls threatening to cancel insurance policies. FoxNews reports that “Texas residents are receiving robocalls telling them their flood insurance premiums are past due and they need to submit a payment immediately to a website in order to have coverage for Hurricane Harvey.”

If you have clients, friends, or family trying to recover from damage Harvey left behind, we have some advice for you to pass along.

According to, when dealing with repairs, homeowners should:

  • Consult the Better Business Bureau to ensure that contractors hold current Texas Licenses.
  • Be sure to ask for references. Better yet, use a contractor you’ve used in the past or ask your insurer for recommendations.
  • Get multiple bids on the work being done. Homeowners will get a better idea of whether or not a contractor is being honest.
  • Don’t feel pressured or rushed to sign a repair contract.
  • Most legitimate contractors will expect you to pay a deposit, paying the balance in installments or once the work is completed. Be careful of a contractor who requests a full payment before work has begun.



Hurricane Harvey Recovery Resources

We’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks. Hurricane Harvey’s devastation of Houston and South Texas has directly affected many of us here at Frontier Title, and of course, the impact it has had on our family, friends, clients, and colleagues is unimaginable. For this reason, we are cancelling our classes and events in the Houston area for the month of September so that we can help our community recover.

Please let us know how we can help you. Our Frontier Team is ready to help, from real estate to recovery. We’re in the community and ready to help rebuild Houston.

For now, here’s a great list of Recovery Resources from our marketing team.

Recovery Resources (1)