Welcome, Sarah Watson!

We’re excited to welcome Sarah Watson to the Memorial Office! Sarah joins Lindsey Zanovich to complete our Business Development team! What brought you to Frontier Title Company?  I wanted to try a new city to live in. I did title for over four years in San Antonio, and Memorial needed a new rep, and it just worked, … Read more

Welcome, Jason Starkey!

We’re thrilled to welcome Jason Starkey, Business Development, to the College Station office! What brought you to Frontier Title Company? I have spent ten years out of the business world and I wanted to utilize my degree in business and Frontier Title was the company with whom I wanted to start my new path. What did you … Read more

Gain A Loyal Client From Your First Meeting

Loyalty is a hard thing to manufacture. And sometimes it isn’t enough to create and promote outstanding service. Clients are finicky and one false step can cost you a customer or a harsh review. There are no guarantees, but you can certainly increase your chances for loyal customers by building strong relationships. Ask Questions First Before you … Read more

Do You Need An Assistant?

Congratulations! Your business is taking off! In fact, you’re so busy you could use a few more hours each day, or a few more days each week. Suddenly, tasks you once loved are feeling like busy-work and you’re terrified of missing phone calls, details, and deadlines. It’s probably time for an assistant. You’re certainly not … Read more

Social Media – Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Social media is the most affordable and effective marketing took you have at your disposal – when you use it correctly. But making mistakes on social media is easier than you think. Don’t panic! Small missteps won’t always lead to disaster, but may damage your consistent brand image or at least make customers shake their heads and … Read more