Steal Some Of Retail’s Biggest Tricks For Your Next Open House

Did you know that when stores pipe in a vanilla scent, customers are more likely to impulse buy? When preparing an Open House, a vanilla scent may lure buyers into considering the property, but impulsive decisions don’t often end well for either party. Likewise, the smell of cleaning products, particularly orange scented products, gives consumers a … Read more

There’s No Better Time To Get Organized

Staying organized during a busy season can be daunting, or even impossible, for some. Here are some great ways to cut down on the clutter and keep your clients’ files controlled. In The Office Before you file anything, take a real look at what you’re putting away. Many of us stack papers and pile things … Read more

September Slump? No problem!

Every year as the school year begins homes sales invariably decline in September from August – kids are back to school, families are adjusting to the new routine, and buying or selling is the last thing about which most of your potential clients are thinking. Instead of waiting for the phone to ring or complaining … Read more